Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have been a really bad mommy and have not updated Diesel's blog as I should. He has grown so much...he is so big now. We go to the vet on Thursday for his 1 year shots and to get him fixed. I am VERY nervous about the surgery, but confident in his vet. He will go in on Thursday morning and I will pick him up the next day after 2PM.

I haven't taken many pictures recently, but there are a couple new links to new albums on the right hand side of the page. Enjoy. :)

Diesel, July 2008


Carrie, Sean and Savannah Leigh said...

He is adorable!! Have you heard anymore on photoshop? Hope all is well and please take care!

leslie said...

Thanks Carrie! He's my baby boy. I haven't heard anything. My cousin's sister got married and she got really wrapped up in that. I emailed her to see what the status is. Email me your address again. Also, is this the best way to respond to a comment? I don't ever know if I should comment my own blog or go to yours.