Friday, March 27, 2009

i can always count on my boy...

OK, so I have really been feeling guilty because I have been working so much and I have not had as much time for Diesel. Today was not any different. I briefly allowed him outside to potty around 5PM and then back to work not to return until after 9PM. Even after I got home I had to log back on and finish one last thing. So needless to say I was having a rough day and really needed something to lift my spirits a bit. I guess Diesel knew somehow because as I was trying to change the sheets and make the bed he totally cracked me up. Luckily the camera was sitting on my night stand and I got pictures!! There are some weird white spots showing up on them. I guess it's my camera, maybe the lens?? Anyway, enjoy!

I had just begun putting the sheets on one side of the bed and as I turned around to walk to the other side, Diesel snuck right up onto the sheet covered side of the bed.

I made him get down and finished putting on the sheets. He immediately jumped back onto the bed as I was situating the comforter. He ended up underneath.

Before I knew it, he had balled himself all up in the blanket. It was so funny. He fought it for a few seconds then he just laid down. I had to unravel him to make the rest of the bed.

Of course, once I finished, he took his spot back.

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